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Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine to help you return to a healthy state & maintain a healthy body.

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As a western minded person, I did not understand acupuncture or Oriental Medicine, I thought is was a placebo or I would question how can needles, herbs, or cups help my pain, cold, or other ailments?  So, I decided, after some research, it was a perfect fit for me.  While in school I found that it is a very effective medicine for most of my health concerns from a simple headache to back pain and even emotional unrest.  


I have learned that the body wants to be healthy.  So now I strive to help like-minded people feel comfortable with and learn more about this amazing medicine.  I educate my patients about how acupuncture will suit the many health concerns they have. 

"I was tired of doctors not listening to me as a person, and just putting me in a box with everyone else. I wanted to change that. I want to make people feel heard, and treated like they matter."

- Dr. Julie Wood, DOM


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How We Can Help

At Points for Health, we treat the root problem, not just the symptom.

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"For approximately four months I was having vertigo every night, when I would lay down.  After one treatment of acupuncture with Dr. Wood, I only had two episodes in two weeks.  I received my second treatment of acupuncture and my vertigo disappeared completely.  It's been approximately two months since and no signs of vertigo have returned.  I'm so happy! "

- Claudine Sanchez


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