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Cupping Therapy

Cupping Treatment

Cupping Therapy

     You may have seen athletes on T.V. with those red, round circles on their shoulders or back and wondered what the heck?  Those marks are due to an acupuncture therapy known as cupping therapy or cupping.

     Cupping was utilized throughout ancient Asia and is now being practiced worldwide.  It is a great therapy to treat athletes and non-athletes alike.  Cupping is used to treat colds, muscle pain, joint pain, headaches and many other ailments.  It works by causing a suction between the cup and your skin and returning the proper flow of blood and "qi" or energy, thereby relieving symptoms.  

     There are several different cupping methods.  Fire cupping is the use of flame to warm the inside of the cup to remove the oxygen allowing the cup to suction to the skin, stationary cupping allows the cups to be placed and remain in place on the body, moving cupping is the opposite of stationary cupping in that the cups continuously move on the skin, flash cupping is done when the cups are applied to the skin and quickly pulled off.  These are some of the methods of cupping that are used to help in the relief of common ailments.











Frequently asked questions

What does it feel like?

Patients have reported that cupping feels like a massage. When the cups are removed then the muscles feel more relaxed.

What does cupping treat?

In our Albuquerque clinic cupping therapy is used to treat many ailments, from colds, muscle pain, headaches, to tight muscles or sinew, just to name a few.

Is cupping therapy only for atheletes?

Absolutely not! This therapy is used by many Doctors of Oriental Medicine to treat non-athletes as well as athletes. Most people seeking reilef of symptoms have obtained injuries or ailments not related to exercise or athletics but rather from everyday activities such as sitting at a desk, working in the yard, or playing with their children. Please allow your doctor to evaluate you to see if you are a candiate for cupping therapy.

What do I expect after my treatment?

After your cupping treatment you may have red, purple or pink spots on the area treated. These circles may be present for hours to days and may change color, which is normal. You should keep the area that was treated covered and away from wind and cold, and you should refrain from showering until the morning after your treatment.